• AppLightChem

AppLightChem: Applied Photobiological Chemistry

AppLightChem is a research group specialized on the chemical aspects of biomedical applications of light, focusing its research and transfer activity on photoprotection, photochemistry of cancer, photoantimicrobial therapies and the diagnosis of fluorescence images. AppLightChem develops advanced chemical technologies for photoprotection, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses with light-activating drugs. The group is an international reference in its field and maintains an important number of international collaborations and with companies.


Head of the Group: Dr. Santiago Nonell Marrugat


  • Dra. Maria Lluïsa Sagristá Gratovil (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • Dra. Margarita Mora Giménez (Universitat de Barcelona)



Dra. Montserrat Agut Bonsfills
Sr. Roger Bresolí Obach
Dr. Òscar Gulías Borau
Sr. Cormac Hally García
Dr. Francesc Martori Adrian
Quantitative Methods
Dra. Ingrid Nieves Calatrava
Dr. Santi Nonell Marrugat, FRSC
Analytical and Applied Chemistry
Sr. Jaume Nos Aguilà
Sra. Beatriz Rodríguez Amigo
Sr. Joaquim Torra Nonell