The research activities in GESPA are in the framework of the environment engineering and the molecular simulation of processes. The group, formed by interdisciplinary scientists who combine chemical engineering, biotechnology and analyses with a theoretical- experimental approach, in order to improve more sustainable processes. The targets are based on finding solutions to new challenges in our society: climate change, lack of water and population growth.



  1. Treatment and water re-using: Development of new processes and sustainable disinfection, advanced oxidation processes (AOP), adsorption, membranes, biofilms, elimination of recalcitrant organic compounds by means of fungi and elimination of nitrogen by means of partial nitrification and Anammox processes.
  2. Mitigation of greenhouse gases impact: Capture, transport, storing and/or CO2 transformation, reduction of N2O emissions in water treatment and fluorinated gases treatment.
  3. Sustainable energy growth: Valorisation of biomass, optimisation of lignocellulosic biorefinery processes for obtaining second and third biofuel generation and phenolic resins from lignin, and searching for alternative solvents more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Two key transversal lines complement such previous research areas:

Molecular modelling and processes: Development and application of equations of advanced state (SAFT) in order to thermophysic characterising of solvents and fluids of interest, Monte Carlo and molecular dynamic simulations, computational fluid dynamics (CDF), simulations of process (Aspen Hysys) and life cycle assessment (LCA).

Analytical Techniques: development of methods for the analytical determination of persistent organic pollutants (dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, flame retardants, etc.) and their application to the following-up of degradation processes and the setting-up of levels in environmental and food matrices.


Dr. Fèlix Llovell Ferret – Director



Dra. Maria Auset Vallejo
Dr. Jordi Díaz Ferrero
Analytical and Applied Chemistry
Dr. Javier Fernández García
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Sra. Montserrat Gasser Rubinat
Química Analítica
Dr. Rafael González Olmos
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Dr. Fèlix Llovell Ferret
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Sr. Ramon Martí Ibañez
Química Analítica
Sra. Mª Jesús Montaña Castillo
Química Analítica
Dr. Xavier Ortiz Almirall
Analytical and Applied Chemistry Department
Sr. Damià Palmer Comas
Dr. Josep Oriol Pou Ibar
Chemical Engineering