The group focuses its efforts on integrating knowledge of medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computing to provide comprehensive solutions to current unmet clinical needs. The interdisciplinary collaboration among the individuals of the group provides the ideal context to answer fundamental questions in cell biology, applied especially to the vascular environment. The knowledge obtained can be translated quickly into solutions that the medical biotechnology industry (pharmaceutical and medical devices) can incorporate into clinical practice. The group studies and combats vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis or aneurysms, but at the same time, dedicates very important efforts to understand the interaction between the vessels and the organs that they feed, as in the case of the blood-brain barrier.

Thus, the main strategic objectives of the group for the next 3 years are:

  1. To establish a continuous dialog between the group members so that unmet clinical needs and critical clinical data may guide elucidation of fundamental mechanisms of vascular disease. And viceversa, that findings of molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease may serve to change medical practice. As a consequence, the group’s publications, contributions to international conferences, and patent applications will be increased in a synergistic fashion.
  2. To establish a structured rotation among the laboratories of the group so that medical and engineering students can be exposed to the projects carried out within the group from different angles, and learn from day zero the interdisplinary language needed to work in complex medical problems and their solutions.
  3. To extend existing and generate new academic-industry collaborations that ensure the translation of results into commercial entities that improve patient care.
  4. To consolidate and extend our network of international partners, by exchanging researchers, technologies and expertise to ensure that the knowledge developed in Barcelona is applicable and implantable elsewhere.


Dr. Jordi Martorell - Head of the Group


Dr. Vicenç Riambau

Dr. Esaú Martínez



Dra. Mercedes Balcells Camps
Dr. Jordi Martorell López
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Dr. José Javier Molins Vara
Head of General Secretariat - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
Sr. Ramon Pons Cots