What services do we offer in the Bioprocesses Plant?

Microorganism selection and optimisation. Selection of microorganisms, gene cloning, and creation of recombinant microorganisms. Enzyme and protein expression. Biocatalysis.

Development, optimisation, and scaling of bioprocesses. Development of production/purification processes based on microorganisms. Optimisation, viability, and economic evaluation studies.

Product batch production (CMO). External production unit that allows products to be manufactured in a variety of final volumes (at the pilot plant scale). 

Analytical Techniques and Bioproduct Quality Control. Development of methodologies to monitor processes and characterise the finished product.

Finished Product Preparation. Preparation and optimisation studies of the optimal storage and formulation conditions for the finished products.

Consulting. Process viability, cost optimisation, and performance studies. Industrial property and patentability studies.

Guidance in Transfer Processes to GMP Facilities in Bioprocesses. Focused on companies that plan to carry out their bioprocesses in GMP conditions in the future, we steer the development process so that it can be successfully implemented, and we guide the transfer to our industrial partners’ GMP installations.

Participation in Competitive Projects. Availability to form part of consortia to request and carry out publicly funded competitive projects.

Training. We offer specialised educational courses to train pilot plant or bioprocess design users: introduction seminars to biotechnology, bioprocess design and optimisation courses, and hands-on courses on operations in the pilot plant.

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