• Sra. Ana Ramos Masana

Ms. Ana Ramos Masana

IQS School of Engineering

Universidad Ramon Llull

Via Augusta 390, E-08017 Barcelona, Spain

Tel. + 34932672 000

Fax: +34 932056266


MSc in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering (2008, Universität des Saarlandes)

Chemical Engineer, IQS (2003)

Degree in Chemistry, URL (2001)

Adjunct professor


Laboratory synthesis of advanced materials


  • Metallic and ceramic thin films (CVD and PVD, sol-gel, etc.)
  • Wettability of molten metals at high temperatures


E. Jimenez-Pique, A. Ramos-Masana. Beam Tomography of Focused Ion Zirconia Degraded Under Hydrothermal Conditions.      Journal of the European Ceramic Society 32: 2129-2136, 2012


Materials Engineering Group (GEMAT)