• Structure of the Dual Master

Students who pursue the Dual Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Industrial Business Management simultaneously attend the two masters over four semesters (two academic years). 

Given that the Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry has a greater course load during the first year and the second year is dedicated to the Master's Thesis, the subjects from the subjects from the Master in Industrial Business Management are distributed less frequently in the first year while the course load is more intense in the second year. This way, the course load for both programmes remains the same over the two years. 

Together with the coordinator of the Master in Industrial Business Management, each student can look into a different way to distribute the courses that better suits their needs, as long as it ensures that the student meets the minimum number of enrolled ECTS credits.

To optimise your study period, IQS has established a system to recognise specific credits which you can see in the curriculum