• Tuition fees and payment methods


Tuition fees

Academic Year 2019-2020: €199 per credit (recognized credit: €139,30)

  • Undergraduate Programs: €11.940 (60 credits)
  • Dual Undergraduate Programs: based on the number of credits enrolled

For the students of the Undergraduate Program in Marketing studying their last year in one of the foreign universities we have a special agreement with, the price of the credit will vary.The first year tuition fee includes for all the new students a LAPTOP with the specifications that are considered suitable for these studies and a LAB COAT for the students of the IQS School of Engineering. The student will not own the laptop until the first year tuition fee has not been paid.


Payment methods 

Single payment
Installment payment

  • A first payment, for a sum of the 37% of the total amount of the tuition fee in which the seat reservation is deducted.
  • Nine postponed direct debit payments due on the 5th of each month. This payment method is by direct debit and has an 8% surcharge on the deferred amount.
If you choose the direct debit payment option, you will be asked to submit the original document of the Direct debit mandate form named "SEPA" filled out and signed by the bank account holder.
In the case of the Undergraduate Program in Pharmacy, installment payments does not entail any surcharge on the deferred amount.

This option of payment will not be possible for students living outside of Spain.
See more information on scholarships and allowances on the following website: Grants and assistance
For those who proceed to the payment from outside of Spain, you will have to make it through Flywire: www.flywire.com/pay/iqsland


Contact Undergraduate Programs
For additional information on any of the Undergraduate Programs:
Corporate Communication & Marketing IQS
Tel: 932 672 020

For any question related to the admission and enrolment process:
IQS General Secretariat
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