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Objectives of the Undergraduate Programme in Marketing

With a focus on marketing and digital communication, with this undergraduate programme you’ll become one of the most in-demand professionals.

With a strong international component, you’ll learn to understand global markets and be prepared to assume executive tasks in the new professions of the digital economy. You can study one year at a foreign university and obtain a dual undergraduate degree.

Ability to understand the concepts of business and its role in the market economy, as well as organisational behaviour.

Capacity to research and analyse market and customer behaviour to search for business opportunities.

Ability to design and establish marketing and communication strategies which set up or solidify a company’s presence abroad.

Capacity to conceive new products and services based on the company’s characteristics and market needs.

Ability to createand develop trademarks in online and offline contexts.

Capacity to efficiently communicate a product’s defining and differential characteristics compared to the competitors.

Ability to design marketing and digital marketing campaigns including social media strategies as well as online positioning and visibility.

Capacity to create functional websites that can respond to company objectives and market needs

Ability to manage an organisation’s virtual communities and social media

Ability to analyse customer activity data in the digital environment in order to improve the company’s marketing and communication plan.

Ability to understand online positioning strategies in order to choose the most efficient digital strategies (SEM, SEO) for the company.

Cross-cutting competencies, including: commitment to ethics, analysis and synthesis, critical thinking, oral and written communication, creativity and innovation, globalisation, and industrial and technological preparation.

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