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Doing in-company tourism internships is of vital importance. In a highly competitive market, graduates must be prepared and ready to maximize their chances of launching a successful career. Focusing on student employability is a priority for IQS, which is why all students in the Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management take part in in-company internships with national and international companies in the tourism sector lasting between four and six months in duration as part of their mandatory coursework.

The professional internships offer students an overview of the world of tourism to give direction and meaning to all of their future professional actions. Similarly, the internships provide students with greater awareness about the variety, diversity, and complexity of the realities of tourism, hospitality, and event management.

Students in the Undergraduate Programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management can begin taking part in internships in their very first year on campus. Students who wish to do so can conduct extracurricular internships or Complementary Professional Experiences (CPEs) starting in the summer before their first year in the programme.


The curriculum also includes optional and compulsory internships during the third and fourth years of the programme. 

What will internships do for you?

Start building your CV with actual professional experience

Initial contact with real-world work experience

Build up a solid network of contacts

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