Our experience

in biosciences and understanding the business environment allows us to understand our partners’ needs and establish dynamic communication that enhances collaboration and helps obtain results.

Fast responses

We understand the importance of time in R&D processes and that’s why we are committed to our partners to provide them a service tailored to their deadlines and needs. We work flexibly and diligently to contribute to the success of our partners’ developments.

Competitive costs

We offer competitive rates that spur our partners’ innovation.


We understand the importance of confidentiality in R&D, which is why we process the information and results provided by our partners with the utmost care.


We rely on a multidisciplinary team in the pilot plant and R&D laboratories in molecular biology, microbiology, biocatalysis, protein engineering, and metabolic engineering. Our team is formed by more than 15 individuals, including biologists, engineers, chemists, and biochemists specialised in developing projects in the biosciences field, boasting more than 30 years of experience. 


We operate in accordance with the quality principles of the standard UNE EN ISO 9001:2015.



Our facilities cover over 600 m2, including research laboratories, the pilot plant (upstream/downstream), and analytical laboratories that allow us to offer a complete, highly-specialised, and quality service.

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