• Dr. Josep García Blandón

Dr. Josep García Blandón
 Research Group on Corporate Governance
IQS School of Management
Universidad Ramon Llull

IQS - Via Augusta, 390, 08017, Barcelona, Spain.
+34 932 672 000.
+34 932 056 266.


Doctor en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (1997, UB)
Master en Economía Financiera (1994, UPF)
Licenciado en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales (1990, UB)
Profesor Catedrático, 2013-


Profesor de Dirección Financiera, Financial Markets, International Financial Markets, y Análisis y Planificación Financiera.


Líneas de Investigación

  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability


Publicaciones reCIENTES

In press

Garcia-Blandon, J.,Argilés-Bosch, J., & Ravenda, D.Is there a gender effect on the quality of audit services?. Journal of Business Research.

Chams, N., & Garcia-Blandon, J.On the Importance of Sustainable Human Resource Management for the Adoption of Sustainable Development Goals. Resources, Conservation & Recycling.

Ravenda, D., Valencia-Silva, M., Argilés-Bosch, J. M., & Garcia-Blandon, J. Money laundering through the strategic management of accounting transactions. Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Argilés-Bosch, J., Garcia-Blandon, J., Ravenda, D., & Martinez-Blasco, M. An empirical analysis of the curvilinear relationship between slack and firm performance. Journal of Management Control.

Garcia-Blandon, J.,Argilés-Bosch, J.,Castillo‐Merino, D., & Martinez-Blasco, M. On the relationship between compliance with recommendations on the audit committee of codes of good practices and financial reporting quality. Journal of Management and Governance.



Argilés-Bosch, J. M., Miarons, M., Garcia-Blandon, J., Benavente, C., & Ravenda, D. (2018). Usefulness of fair valuation of biological assets for cash flow prediction. Revista Española de Financiación y Contabilidad, 47(2).

Garcia‐Blandon, J. & Argiles‐Bosch, J. M. (2018). Audit partner industry specialization and audit quality: Evidence from Spain. International Journal of Auditing, 22(1).

Ravenda, D., Valencia-Silva, M., Argiles, J.M. & Garcia-Blandon, J. (2018). Accrual management as an indication of money laundering through legally registered Mafia firms in Italy. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 31(1).



Nuñez, M. & Garcia-Blandon, J. (2017). Evaluating the link between commercial governance ratings and firm performance in a cross-European setting. Management Decision, 55(10).

Garcia-Blandon, J. & Argiles, J.M. (2017). The interaction effects of firm and partner tenure on audit quality. Accounting and Business Research, 47(7).

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Auguets, X., Martinez-Blasco, M. & Garcia Blandon, J. (2017). The sixth merger wave and wealth effects of M&A announcements: an analysis of large European bidding companies. European Accounting and Management Review, 4(1).


Grupos de investigación

Research Group on Corporate Governance