• Dra. Laura Fernández Ruano

Consultant and self-employed advisor
In Statistical Analysis and Methodology for experimental planning in companies of the chemical and food sector.


Graduation in Chemist Engineering (1992, IQS, Barcelona);
Graduation in Chemistry (1993, URL-IQS, Barcelona);
PhD. In Chemistry (1997, URL-IQS, Barcelona); 
Assistant Professor (1997-2001, Dept. Chemometrics, IQS, Barcelona);
Associate Professor (2001-2004, Dept. Applied Statistics, IQS, Barcelona);
Seft-employed advisor, consultant and assistant professor (2004-).




research area

Strategies based on experimental designs: exploratorial and saturated designs, response surface methodology and experiments with mixtures, Experimental optimisation, Application of the Taguchi methodology in the phase of product and process development


recent publications

M. Agut, L. Comellas, L. Fernández-Ruano, M. Ventura, “Application of an experimental design in the study of the factors that have a greater influence on the production of ocratoxina A by aspergillus ochraceus CECT 2948”, Afinidad, 62, 363-372 (2005).

A. Pons, M. Agut, L. Fernández-Ruano, X. Tomás, “Aplicación de los diseños de Taguchi en el estudio de la inhibición del crecimiento de Listeria monocytogenes CECT 4032”, Afinidad, 64 , 390-396 (2007).

X. Tomás-Morer, L. G. Sabaté, L. Fernández-Ruano, M.P. Gómez-Carracedo “Implementing a robust methodology: experimental designs and optimization” in  “Basic chemometric techniques in atomic spectroscopy” (editor J. M. Andrade),  Royal Society of Chemistry RSC (Cambridge, in press).