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En IQS, cada alumno es una historia de motivación, dedicación y éxito. Desde su experiencia, podrás tener una visión más exacta del contenido del máster, de las asignaturas y del impacto en el futuro profesional de los alumnos.

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Katla Sigurdardóttir

"During the program, the leadership and personal branding classes helped me a lot, I loved working on how to present yourself professionally, how to effectively communicate with your coworkers, and other soft skills. There is a huge focus on soft skills in job interviews for example, which emphasizes the need to focus on them. We also covered how to do presentations, which I find very helpful now in my day-to-day work."

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Elisabeth Bou

"I value the cross-disciplinary nature of the programme. As an experimental chemist, I really liked the possibility of understanding the pharmaceutical industry in a global way and at the same time discovering new areas and jobs in which I never imagined I could be useful with my studies."

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Marcelo Carrera

"I would highlight the level of knowledge of the lecturers, all of whom have great experience in the sector and fantastic communication skills."

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