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¿Cómo ha sido la experiencia de Zornitsa?

Zornitsa Stoycheva

Zornitsa es estudiante internacional de Bulgaria y es alumna del Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment. Promoción 2021-2022. A continuación, puedes leer qué destaca del máster y su valoración personal.

Could you briefly describe the master’s degree?

The Master in International Marketing in Digital Environment is the perfect programme for people who want to learn by doing. The programme includes diverse courses, from marketing basics to the specifics of brand management, social media management, neuromarketing, and more.

What stands out about the programme?

The professors have outstanding experience as most of them have worked for multinational companies like Henkel and Nike. Furthermore, the programme features a wide variety of guest professors and speakers from world-renowned companies. This creates fantastic networking opportunities while learning from the best professionals in different industries. 

Which subjects did you enjoy the most?

The subjects I enjoyed most were Digital Marketing Strategies and Mobile Marketing Applications. The projects that we worked on in the classes were highly relevant, extremely interesting, and engaging. We tackled real-life cases and applied our knowledge in practical projects like strategically developing a viral social media account. 

Why did you choose IQS?

I chose IQS for two main reasons:
1. I love the city of Barcelona and it has been my dream to live here for a couple of years.
2. IQS caught my attention because of its high ranking as a top global university and the interesting curriculum it offers.

What’s the most valuable knowledge you gained during the master’s degree?

"The customer is the real boss."
But also, all the knowledge we acquire in the programme is highly relevant and extremely useful for my career prospects. 

What has the master's degree brought you personally and professionally?

Personally, I met amazing people. I was able to be part of an outstanding international class where we learned a lot not only from the professors but also from one another. I received supportive guidance in relation to my career development and met like-minded people who later became my friends.

What advice would you give to a future student who wants to study this master's degree?

Even though the programme can be challenging and intensive at times, it will always keep you interested, curious, and engaged with the content. The year you spend studying the master’s degree will most likely be the year you grow the most both personally and professionally.

Have you done an internship? Could you tell us about it?

I started my internship in a digital marketing consultancy company in the position of junior digital consultant trainee. One of my professors provided me with the opportunity to do an internship in that company. I truly enjoyed my job as I was able to apply the knowledge I gained from the master’s degree and further expand my education. This significantly boosted my professional development over just a few months. The internship also helped me launch my career as I was offered a contract extension and the opportunity to join the team as a full-time digital consultant.