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¿Cómo ha sido la experiencia de Ni Ying?

Ni Ying

Ni Ying es estudiante internacional de China y es alumna del Master in International Marketing in a Digital Environment. Promoción 2021-2022. A continuación, puedes leer qué destaca del máster y su valoración personal.

Could you briefly describe the master’s degree?

The master’s degree involves learning about international marketing and sales management over the course of one year by studying related subjects. The curriculum is very practical and features many case studies on real companies. It has been designed with details covering not only theories but also real problems the world faces today. The professors and my classmates are very international and creative. The programme also included many guest speakers to help us learn about marketing from a different angle as we are already working for an international company. The entire programme is very useful for my career as I can easily apply many skills I have learned to my current or future job. It has also helped me to have a deeper understanding about marketing and sales.

What stands out about the programme?

I would highlight the courses on sales techniques, international strategies, digital analysis, and many others which not only let us gain knowledge but also how to think as a marketer. 
Also, I would highlight the convenience of the master’s degree as we have our own platform for everything related to the programme and we can go online any time if there’s an issue we need to handle. Also, the environment of the programme is excellent as it’s really international and everyone is very easy-going. The professors are always available for questions and to help out. 
Another thing I want to highlight is the after-class activities. It was really fun going to the Desigual office and doing a winery visit.

Which subjects did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the international product development subjects most of all. The programme is very participatory and intense, making it feel like both a challenge and an achievement.

Why did you choose IQS?

Because it’s one of the best universities in Barcelona and I was planning to study and work here later on. Also, this marketing programme is designed to take just one year but you earn two degrees when you graduate. What the curriculum covers has been perfect for me because I’m still not sure if I’ll end up working in marketing or in sales.

What’s the most valuable knowledge you gained during the master’s degree?

Team management and problem solving as soft skills.

Also, the presentations we did and all the case studies to teach us how to identify problems and find their roots and develop a solution with an action plan that is totally feasible in real scenarios.

Also, the entire scope of producing a marketing plan such as internal and external analysis as well implementing it.

What has the master's degree brought you personally and professionally?

Personally, the master’s degree has given me a new way of living since I have been working for six years already. It’s really great to get out of my own comfort zone to experience a new lifestyle.
Professionally, it helped me to have a better academic background with more opportunities for my future career.

What advice would you give to a future student who wants to study this master's degree?

I would like to tell them to relax and enjoy the ride because they will have so much fun in this programme. Not only they will meet many new friends, but they’ll also really enjoy Barcelona.

Have you done an internship? Could you tell us about it?

Yes, I am doing an internship now with a Chinese educational company. They are professional advisers to Chinese students. They offer a service that helps students apply to schools and get visas and accommodation. I am working for them as a marketing assistant by managing their social media and conducting market research to identify opportunities in the field and optimize our service according to new trends. I also design campaigns with local businesses to promote our service in the Chinese community in Barcelona.