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How has Thaïs's experience been?

Thaïs Jeanneney

Thaïs, after a management bachelor in France at ISC Paris, joined the cohort 14 of the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management.

Could you briefly describe the Program?

This program consists of an understanding of the entrepreneurial world through the prism of 3 different markets. We spend 4 months at IQS, Barcelona, we will join FJCU in Taipei for 4 more months and we'll graduate after the last 4 months in LMU Los Angeles.

What would you highlight about the program? What do you like the most?

I’m really glad that in IQS there is a real team behind us, that push us through really different topic and in different ways. Each teacher is an expert in his topic and we even have several workshops to reach a maximum knowledge and soft skills development.

My favorite part is the consulting project, one with a group (Schneider electrics for my team) and one with a startup (Time is Brain).

The participation in networking event (Barcelona global MBA day) and the visit of different local and international company (Family Torres, Barcelona Harbor or SAP)
is a real plus.

What skills do you think you have acquired thanks to the master's degree?

I think that after theses 12 months around the world I would be prepared to deal with a very multicultural environment, especially with Asian colleagues.
As our programme is very comprehensive and includes projects with real clients, I think I will be able to cope with a maximum of challenges and difficulties in the world of entrepreneurship and consulting.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to face?

The consulting projects are really challenging both by the complexity of the demand and by working in multicultural groups (i.e.: in my group im working with 3 Taiwaneses peoples); I think it’s either the biggest opportunity to learn for us but also the biggest challenge to face

I am pleased that IQS and other universities have undertaken the creation and development of such a comprehensive and challenging programme and I'm proud to be part of the 14th cohort.