• PhD Electrochemistry Lab

Research position offered at Institut Químic de Sarrià-Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona)


IQS Electrochemistry Lab is looking for a PhD candidate to work in the synthesis and characterization of the lead-lithium eutectic (PbLi) alloy. This alloy is a functional tritium regenerating material and base of design for fusion reactors under construction, ITER, and for future DEMO reactor. Producing the PbLi alloy with the required quality assurance of a nuclear material and whose characteristics affect the safety of the reactor is a true high-tech challenge in aspects related with the final certification of the title in lithium, the homogeneity without segregation of lithium at sub millimetric scales, the extreme control of impurities and the demands of certified characterization of its functional database under standards as nuclear material. The work will be focused on the production of the PbLi alloy using magnetohydrodynamic stirring. Lithium dosage systems, methods for the characterization of the alloy and lithium tittle determination with electrochemical sensors will also be studied during the project.

The candidate must:

  1. Have strong motivation.
  2. Hold a MsC in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Engineering, Materials Science, or similar sciences.
  3. Fulfil the requirements to be admitted to the PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Programme at IQS.
  4. Have capacity and social skills to work in a team.
  5. Have excellent communication skills and fluency in English.
  6. Creativity will be valued.

Research topic

Synthesis and characterization of the lead-lithium eutectic alloy.


Application deadline

10th february 2023

Application documents

  1. Motivation letter.
  2. CV.
  3. Contact details of two referees. Reference letters are welcome but not essential.

Please send the documents to rrhh@iqs.url.edu
Please include “PhD Electrochemistry Lab” in the subject line of your email. Early applications are

This contract is funded by the State Research Agency (AEI) under grant number CPP2021-008665