• PhD fellowship SpliceBio-IQS

Are you interested in contributing to generate more efficient gene therapies utilizing protein splicing?

The project and the team

Adeno-associated viruses (AAV) is one of the most extensively used vectors for gene therapies. However, AAVs can only package and deliver small genes. The company SpliceBio has developed a technology that enables solving this problem by delivering a gene in two fragments encoded in different viruses. Upon transduction, the technology enables the ligation of the two protein fragments inside a cell resulting in the generation of the whole functional protein. The process of intracellular protein ligation is based on the use of engineered split inteins, which are eventually excised from the functional protein. In this project, we will aim to develop an approach that may enable increasing the production of the target protein by degrading the  nteins resulting from splicing.

This project will combine the expertise in gene delivery and protein ligation of SpliceBio (https://splice.bio/) with the experience in library screening and protein engineering of the Laboratory of Therapeutic Proteins (https://www.pptn.iqs.edu/) at IQS Barcelona. You may find more information here: https://doctoratsindustrials.gencat.cat/en/doctorats/enhancing-%20intein-degradation-and-efficient-intracellular-ligation-of-therapeutic-proteins/

Your profile

MSc degree, 60 ECTS credits at the master’s level or equivalent.
Background in biotechnology, cell/molecular biology, biochemistry, or related
Strong motivation, proactivity and creativity
Good social skills to work in a team
Excellent communication skills and fluency in English

Fellowship details

Three years of funding with a competitive salary.
Many training opportunities and space for creativity
Expected starting date: preferably May 2023, September 2023 the latest


Applications are welcome until February 28th or until the candidate is selected

You may send your application to Dr. Silvia Frutos and Dr. Benjamí Oller Salvia at silvia.frutos@splice.bio
and benjami.oller@iqs.url.edu Please include the following documents in a single pdf with your name:

  • Motivation letter explaining your research experience, your main interests, and why you would be a good fit for this position
  • Two reference letters and contact details of the referees who wrote them
  • CV
  • Academic record

Please include “PhD SpliceBio-IQS” in the subject line of your email. Early applications are encouraged