Español, Inglés
3 horas diarias
de prácticas de laboratorio
1 año y medio - 2 años
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Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management

Rated as one of the best Master's Programs in
management worldwide by FINANCIAL TIMES.

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Barcelona, Taipei and Los Angeles
From September to August
Highly practical

The MGEM is highly practical, as it includes: courses involving applied methodologies, practical case studies, business visits, guest speakers and consulting projects.

45 Students

The mix of students in the course ensures great geographical and cultural diversity. The number of places is limited to 45 students (15 places for each of the three universities).


At the end of the program while at the Loyola Marymount University, you can apply to complete an internship in companies in the USA, Taiwan or Spain.

Real companies

Consultancy projects are conducted by real companies in Spain and in Los Angeles which operate in global markets. You will take part in consulting projects and company visits.

Three continents

The MGEM program has cooperation agreements with companies on the three continents where it is taught. This is a great opportunity to enter the job market.


The MGEM is taught in English, but we offer you elective courses in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in Barcelona (Spain) and Taipei (Taiwan) respectively.

One year, 3 continents

From September to December at IQS (Barcelona, Spain)
From January to April at Fu Jen Catholic University (Taipei, Taiwan)
From May to August at Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, USA)

Alumni IQS

My chance to understand

I wanted to develop a global mindset and that is why I enrolled in the MGEM Program. It was my chance to understand international business best practices, understand how theglobal markets operate. All of that while I was travelling over the world and meeting great people. People who became a valuable professional network at a larger stage.

Prepares you for a global career

Nowadays, I can say it was the best experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone. The MGEM clearly prepares you for a global career.

Delfí López Queraltó

Alumni IQS. Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management. Promotion 2011-2012.
At present CEO in Monocrom.

Karishma studied the MGEM programme. Since graduating, she has been hired as a consultant and teacher while bootstrapping two ventures.
The most valuable knowledge and experience

" The MGEM program was the best decision I’ve ever made. It begins with the Fall trimester in Barcelona, Spain at IQS; Spring trimester in Taipei, Taiwan at Fu Jen Catholic University; and finishes off in the United States.

The professional and personal growth that MGEM offers is parallel to none. Entrepreneurship is very action oriented. You can plan and plan for so long but at one point, you just have to get started and evolve with your idea, work, or venture."

Karishma Bali. Alumni MGEM.

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The programme is in the Top 10 of the best management masters in the world