• Mission

IQS wishes to foster relations with universities and colleges from all over the world that either belong to the Society of Jesus or simply share the ideal of a Christian inspiration education. The IQS mission must be characterized by a service to the faith and a promotion of justice, groundwork of Christian humanism in current Jesuit understanding.




  • Facilitate to all its components the possibility of a deepening in the human dimension and the sense of the life, with a reference to the Jesus of Nazareth Gospel.
  • Call upon faculty and students a solidarity and service spirit.
  • Promote in its educative system a right distribution of the wealth between peoples and a sound use of natural resources.



The objectives to achieve the mission are:

  • Form its students for the excellence in reflection so that they critically evaluate the work they do.
  • Provide them an individual attention.
  • Acquire a habit of evaluating.
  • Educate in discernment.
  • Educate in accordance with the IQS tradition.


In summary, IQS must make an effort, in accordance with its original tradition, to teach students to love their work, exerted seriously and rigorously and with initiative and creativity. The professional activities undertaken by its graduates will therefore be oriented to a productive purpose for the society and, in addition of a source of personal accomplishment, it will be a way to return the society everything they have received from it.