• Quality Assurance System


Quality Assurance System

The IQS Internal Quality Assurance System Manual (MSGIQ) was presented to AQU Catalunya for its evaluation in the AUDIT 2009 call and valued positively on April 22, 2010.

The scope of the initial version of the Manual was related to IQS School of Engineering academic activities. Subsequently, IQS School of Management formally applied to join the AUDIT program in the extension mode, adopting and updating the MSGIQ (valued positively on December 13, 2012).

IntroductionIndex and Presentation of the Center
Guideline 0General aspects of the IQS Quality Assurance System 
Guideline 1Quality Policy and Quality Objectives for the academic activities 
Guideline 2Quality assurance of the Degree Programmes 
Guideline 3Development of Degree Programs to encourage learning 
Guideline 4Guarantee of the quality of academic staff, administration, and services 
Guideline 5

Guarantee of the quality of installations, resources, and services

Guideline 6Collection and analysis of the results for the improvement of training Programmes
Guideline 7Publication of Information and subject to accountability on the training Programmes


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Monitoring Report (ISC-School of Engineering)

Monitoring Report (ISC-School of Management)

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Self Assessment Report (IQS School of Management)


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