Why IQS Tech Transfer BPP?

IQS has a long-standing tradition of collaborating with local companies, helping them to develop and promote their R&D&i projects.

The Bioprocess Pilot Plant acts as an external R&D unit to help strengthen and accelerate our collaborators’ capacity for innovation. We help our partners reach their objectives on time, with a focus on quality, competitive costs, and strict confidentiality. 

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We offer a wide range of services to respond to the various needs of industries to promote innovation and competitiveness.

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Capacities and Facilities

We are a multidisciplinary team of specialists in bioprocesses with top-tier facilities and we are focused on collaborating with companies to help them in their innovation, tech transfer, and production processes.

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The Team

We rely on a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the development and optimisation of bioprocesses and we are committed to reaching our collaborators’ objectives.

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What is the Bioprocess Pilot Plant like?

Bioprocess Pilot Plant