• Information and Guidance

Personalized care and small groups

With the purpose of taking individual care of the students, as much academically as professionally, IQS has established a system of customized positions for personalized student tutors. The tutor is an IQS professor that has been designated to give personal attention to the student during all degree stages, in an effort to help the student obtain and excel in their educational objectives. The tutor is available for any questions that the student might have for example, in relation to a particular problem, to professional guidance when facing practices in companies, etc. The tutor is also able to act as an intermediary for the student in front of the governmental departments of the Center, the Academic Authorities, and the other estates of the IQS and the University. Due to the special selective character of the degree first course, the tutor positions are made by the coordinator of corresponding course.


Course Coordinator

The coordinator is a professor of the course who has been designated to take care of the student's development, to coordinate the different educational activities, and to help in any other aspect which might affect the degree course. In order to pursue the positive development of the course and to carry out the tasks that guarantee their good operation, the coordinator organizes the meetings with the student's professors and delegates. The coordinator will transmit any apprehensions that the pupil might have to the dean of his IQS School.