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IQS offers the opportunity to take the Undergraduate Programme in Chemistry simultaneously with the Undergraduate Programme in Business Administration.

The possibility to earn two official Undergraduate qualifications by studying both together for eleven semesters provides students with an excellent technical education and a thorough knowledge of business administration.

Thanks to the common core of both degrees, students can also obtain an Undergraduate Programme in Chemistry and an Undergraduate Programme in Chemical Engineering by taking two further semesters after finishing one of the degrees.

The Dual Undergraduate Programme provides a well-rounded education and enhances the students’ career opportunities at the end of their studies, in highly competitive fields, where the best preparation possible is essential.

The class timetable allows students to attend classes and do practical work in laboratories and workshops.




Key points

5 years
409 ECTS credits

Recommended high school electives 
Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

First year taught in Spanish. The other years are trilingual: Spanish, Catalan and English, depending on the language competences of the students and lecturers

September to June

Why study a Dual Undergraduate Programme at IQS?

Complete training in science, technology and management

Better qualification and professional standing

The option to take two undergraduate programmes simultaneously

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