All students in the Undergraduate Program in Biotechnology do internships for the equivalent of 6 credits, as established in the curriculum. These internships imply carrying out productive activities related to the professional profile.
IQS Professional Careers manages all internships. A professor is responsible for the selection, assignation, follow-up and evaluation process. Moreover, the students will be assigned a tutor at the University and a second tutor at the company or institution where the internship is to be realized. The tutors will be in charge of guiding and offering advice and will make sure the work assigned to the student reaches the objectives proposed and that said objectives facilitate the development of the skills planned. The professor responsible will draft up an evaluation based on two reports: the student's report on the activities carried out and the report issued by the company tutor.

Internship goals

Internships in companies are compulsory and are done during the fourth year. The experience represents a great value for students for the following reasons:
  • They provide the students' first contact with the labour market
  • They orient students based on their professional interests
  • They provide students with the opportunity to put theoretical knowledge and skills acquired into practice
  • They provide students with the opportunity to secure employment
  • They add value to the students' CVs