The purpose of this program is to train PhDs who, having solid basic knowledge, specialize in the most modern Chemistry and Chemical Engineering fields so that they can help to consolidate more competitive and modern companies, where the need for research and innovation are assumed strategically. Research professionals, along with the most advanced knowledge in their chosen specialization, will be able to naturally contribute to the ever-changing scientific and technological environment, aware of the need for ongoing training throughout their lives. IQS also instills a deep sense of ethics towards people and nature in the exercise of their profession.

Throughout its history, the IQS School of Engineering has trained PhDs in all fields related to Chemistry and Chemical Engineering who have significantly contributed to improving quality, productivity, competitiveness and the capacity for innovation in chemical and other close industries (pharmaceutical, food, paints, polymers, etc.).


The purpose of the PhD in Bioengineering is to respond to the professional requirements of the biotechnological industry and to cover scientific training for academic and industrial research. The highlight of the program is its interdisciplinary approach that includes subjects such as General Biology, Biochemistry, Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Genetics, Computational Biology, Chemistry or Engineering.

The future PhDs will develop their research skills, they will have solid basic knowledge in these disciplines and they will be highly qualified to work with the most innovating biotechnology companies, having studied health and agrofood biotechnology, as well as industrial biotechnology. They will be able to perform R&D&i activities, project management, develop and innovate within the different biotechnological fields, with biotechnological companies, universities and research centers.