• PhD in Bioengineering

IQS proudly offers an appealing and relevant doctoral programme for students who are interested in research and innovation in the fields of biotechnology and bioengineering. The programme offers an interdisciplinary approach that aims to address the professional needs of the biotechnology industry and provide scientific education for academic and industrial research.

The PhD in Bioengineering programme was created in 2008 with the inauguration of the IQS Bioengineering Building, the home of the IQS biotechnology and bioengineering research laboratories.

Key information

Six new PhD candidates are admitted per academic year

Enrolment open all year round

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Biological Chemistry and Glycobiology
Biomaterials Area
Area Tissue Engineering
Microbiology Area


The core aspect of the PhD in Bioengineering programme involves completing a Doctoral Thesis under the guidance of a thesis supervisor. Candidates join a research group to conduct an original scientific research project in the fields of biotechnology and bioengineering, gaining research skills and knowledge as they work on their thesis.

The objectives of the PhD in Bioengineering programme are:

To educate new doctors who are specialists in the most modern and cutting-edge fields of bioengineering thanks to a solid foundation and knowledge in the field of biotechnology. The programme prepares doctors who are capable of easily and naturally adapting to the changing scientific and technological environments within companies and research institutions.

To educate highly qualified professionals to work in Spanish and international biotechnology companies who are familiar with healthcare, agri-food, and industrial biotechnology. Moreover, the programme further prepares future professionals with specific knowledge on management, ethics, and legislation in the biotechnology sector.

To ensure that graduates can contribute to technology transfer and strengthen competitive biotechnology companies that require research and innovation.

To maintain a high level of basic and applied research at IQS that fosters a continuous spirit of innovation and staying abreast of current knowledge and methodologies at all teaching levels.

To engage in a high level of basic and applied research in Spain in the various sectors impacted by biotechnology: red biotechnology dedicated to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, green biotechnology dedicated to the agri-food industry, and industrial biotechnology.

Career opportunities

The top career opportunities for graduates of the PhD in Bioengineering programme are primarily in the areas of research and managing research projects for companies in the biotechnology sector through holding leadership positions in R&D&i. A small number of doctors continue their scientific careers in academia or in research centres.

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