• Dr. Alberto Balfagón Costa

Dr. Alberto Balfagón Costa
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Group
IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramon Llull
Vía Augusta 390, E-08017 Barcelona, Spain.
Tel: +34 932 672 000
Fax: +34 932 056 266
ORCID: 0000-0002-9886-5322


Chemical Engineer IQS (1984)
Degree in Chemical Sciences University of Barcelona (1987)
Degree in Physical Sciences, University of Barcelona (1993)
IQS Chemical Engineer Doctor (1993)

University Professor (2017)



Physics (Degree in Industrial Engineering GETI)
Pharmaceutical Technology-I (Degree in Pharmacy)
Pharmaceutical Technology Laboratory (Degree in Pharmacy)


Research Lines

  • Development of biocompatible artificial membranes for use in cosmetics and pharmacy.
  • Controlled release of active ingredients.
  • Tensor calculus.
  • Dark energy.


REsearch groups

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Group.