• Dr. Carlos E. Semino

Dr. Carlos E. Semino
Tissue Engineering Laboratory, Bioengineering Department
ICREC Group: Cardiac Insufficiency and Cardiac Regeneration
IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390, E-08017 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34 932 672 000 x407
Fax +34 932 056 266

Center for Biomedical Engineering,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building NE47
Cambridge, MA 02139

Translationszentrum für Regenerative Medizin (TRM), Universität Leipzig
Semmelweisstraße 14, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Tel. (0341) 97 39661


Ph.D. 1994. University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Chemistry.
B.S. 1990 (Summa cum laude). University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Department of Bioengineering, Institut Quimíc de Sarrià (IQS), Universidad Ramon Llull (URL)
2014- Associate Professor



Molecular Biology: 2nd course in Degree in Biotechnology
Cell Culture: 3rd course Degree in Biotechnology
Tissue Engineering: 4th course Degree in Biotechnology
Advances in Tissue Engineering: Master in Bioengineering
Evaluation of Compounds with Biological Activity: Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Toxicology Laboratory: 4th course Degree in Farmacy
Tissue Culture Laboratory: Master in Bioengineering
Tissue Culture Laboratory: Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Research Lines

  • Culture, maintenance and differentiation of adult and embryonic stem cells
  • Development of bioengineering platforms to recreate cellular microenvironments
  • In vitro models for normal and malignant skeletal and organ systems
  • Development of biomedical platforms for cellular therapy


Representative Publications


THE NEVER_ENDING STORY OF LIFE. A brief journey through concepts of biology. Carlos E. Semino. Springer-Nature 2021. ISBN: 978-3-030-75968-1.

Scientific Journals:
Betriu, N.; Bertran-Mas, J.; Andreeva, A.; Semino, C. E., Syndecans and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Biomolecules 2021, 11 (3).

Betriu, N.; Andreeva, A.; Semino, C. E., Erlotinib Promotes Ligand-Induced EGFR Degradation in 3D but Not 2D Cultures of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells. Cancers 2021, 13 (18).

Sennett, M et al,. Long term outcomes of biomaterial-mediated repair of focal Cartilage defests in a Large animal mode. European Cells and materials 2021, 41: 40-51.

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L Recha-Sancho, FT Moutos, J Abellà, F Guilak, CE Semino. Dedifferentiated Human Articular Chondrocytes Redifferentiate to a Cartilage-Like Tissue Phenotype in a Poly (ε-Caprolactone)/Self-Assembling Peptide Composite Scaffold. Materials 9 (6), 472 (2016)

JC Chachques, Juan Carlos, A Bayes Genis, N Lila, C Soler, N Mirochnik, G Autret, C Semino. Development of bioartificial myocardium and ventricular support bioprostheses using nanobiotechnologies. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE (18): 459-459. 2016

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research group

Group of Pharmaceutical Chemistry