• Dr. Ramon Palau Saumell

Dr. Ramon Palau
IQS School of Management
Universitat Ramon Llull
Vía Augusta, 390, 08017 Barcelona
Tel.: 93 267 20 00
Fax: 93 267 20 32              



Ph.D. in Communication and Advertising (UAB, 2006)

Master in Communication and Advertising (UAB, 1997)

B.S. in Information Sciences (UAB, 1987)


Chair of Business Management Department (2015-)

Professor (IQS School of Management, 2017 - )

Associate Professor, (IQS School of Management, 2015 - 2017)

Senior Lecturer, (IQS School of Management, 2013 - 2015)

Master Coordinator in International Marketing in a Digital Environment (IQS School of Management, September 2013 - )


Associate Professor (University of Barcelona, 2011-2013)

Associate Professor (University of Girona 2006-2013)

Technical Director of the Center in Research and Innovation of the Tourism Industries (Science and Technology Park of University of Girona, 2007-2010).

Lecturer (Mediterrani, affiliated university school to the University of Girona, 1998-2006)

Different positions in industrial and service firms (1971-1996)



Strategic Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations


Research lines

Consumer behavior


Representatives publications

Refereed journal articles

Palau-Saumell, R. Matute, & Forgas-Coll, S. (2022). The roles of team identification and psychologicalownership in fans’   intentions to purchase team-licensed and a sponsor’s products: the case of FC Barcelona members. Sport Management Review, https://doi.org/10.1080/14413523.2021.1991676

Matute, J., Palau-Saumell, R., Meyer, J-H, Derqui, B., & Jiménez-Asenjo, N. (2021). Are you getting it? Integrating theories to explain intentions to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Spain. Journal of Risk Research, https://doi.org/10.1080/13669877.2021.1958044

Palau-Saumell, R. Matute, J., Derqui, B., & Meyer, J-H. (2021). The impact of perceived risk of COVID-19 on consumers' attitude and behavior towards locally produced food. British Food Journal, 123(13), 281-301.

Matute, J., Sánchez-Torelló, J.L., & Palau-Saumell, R. (2021). The Influence of organizations’ tax avoidance practices on consumers’ behavior: The role of moral reasoning strategies, political ideology, and brand identification. Journal of Business Ethics, 174, 369-386

Matute, J., Palau-Saumell, R., & Occhiocupo, N. (2021). Understanding customer brand engagement in user-initiated online brand communities: antecedents and consequences. Journal of Product & Brand Management, 30(3), 360-376.
Pujadas-Hostench, J., Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S., & Matute, J. (2019). Integrating theories to predict clothing purchase on SNS. Industrial Management & Data Systems, 119(5), 1015-1030.
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Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S., Sánchez-García, J., Prats, L. (2019). Motivation and attachment to a diving destination: The case of Medes Islands (Catalonia, Spain). Journal of Vacation Marketing, 25(3), 301-319. 

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Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S., Amaya-Molinar, C.M., & Sánchez-García, J. (2016). Examining how country image influences destination image in a behavioral intentions model: the cases of Lloret de Mar (Spain) and Cancun (Mexico). Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 33 (7), 949-965.

Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S., & Sánchez-García, J. (2016). The role of emotions in a model of behavioral intentions of visitors to the Gaudí Historic House Museums in Barcelona, Spain. Visitor Studies, 19 (2), 156-177.

Forgas-Coll, S., Palau-Saumell, R., Sánchez-García, J., & Garrigós-Simón, F. (2016). A comparative analysis of American and Spanish cruise passengers’ behavioral intentions. RAE, 56(1), 87-100.

Díaz-Sauceda, J., Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S., & Sánchez-García, J. (2015). Cross-border tourists' behavioral intentions: the Green Line of Nicosia, Cyprus. Tourism Geographies, 17(5), 758-779.

Palau-Saumell, R., Forgas-Coll, S. Sánchez-García, J., & Prats-Planagumà, L. (2014). Managing dive centers: SCUBA divers behavioural intentions. European Management Sport Quarterly, 14 (4), 422-443.

Forgas-Coll, S., Palau-Saumell, R., Sánchez-García, J., & Caplliure-Giner, E.M. (2014). The role of trust in cruise passenger behavioral intentions: The moderating effects of the cruise line brand. Management Decision, 52 (8), 1346-1367.

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Book chapters

Achcaoucaou, F., Forgas-Coll, S., & Palau-Saumell, R. (2014). Exploring the use of an ICT-based tool for assessing competencies in postgraduate students. In Peris-Ortiz, M., Garrigós-Simón, F. J., Gil Pechuán, I. (eds.). Innovation and teaching technologies. New directions in research, practice and policy(pp. 87-98). Cham, Switzerland: Springer.

Forgas-Coll, S., Palau-Saumell, R., & Sánchez-García, J. (2013). Consumer loyalty to an airline: Online and offline antecedents In Kaufmann, H.R., Panni, M.F.A.K. (eds.), Customer-centric marketing strategies: Tools for building organizational performance (pp. 530-549). Hershey PA: IGI Global.


Consumer Behavior Perspectives