• Dr. Santi Nonell Marrugat, FRSC

Dr. Santi Nonell Marrugat, FRSC
Applied Photobiological Chemistry
IQS School of Engineering
Universidad Ramon Llull
Via Augusta, 390
E-08017 Barcelona (España)
Tel:(+34) 93 267 2000
Fax: (+34) 93 205 6266


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (1988, IQS/Max-Planck Institut für Strahlenchemie), Degree in Chemical Sciences (1990, University of Barcelona), Degree in Chemical Engineering (1985, IQS)
Postdoctoral associate (Arizona State University / University of California Los Angeles, 1991-1992).

Professor (IQS, 1994-)
Head of the Biological Photochemistry Laboratory
Coordinator of the PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering programme  (2013-)
President of the European Society for Photobiology (2017-2019) 
Director of the Photobiology School, European Society for Photobiology (2019-)
Editor-in-Chief of the journal Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences (2015-2017)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
Otto Hahn Medal Award of the Max-Planck Society



Professor of Physical Chemistry, Molecular Physical Chemistry (taught in English), Frontiers in Chemistry (taught in English) and Photochemistry (taught in English)


Research Lines

  • Biological Photochemistry
  • Photodynamic therapy and theranostic Applications of light
  • Photofunctional molecules, proteins and nanostructured materials
  • Photoprotective sunscreens



Author of more than 200 scientific publications including 5 books and 13 book chapters. 

ResearcherID: L-2561-2013 
ORCID: 0000-0002-8900-5291

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Research Groups

Applied Photobiological Chemistry