• Dr. Xavier Ortiz Almirall

Dr. Xavier Ortiz Almirall
Environmental Laboratory
Analytical and Applied Chemistry Group
IQS School of Engineering
Universitat Ramon Llull
Via Augusta 390, 08017 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 2672000
Fax +34 93 2056266


Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry (UAB, 2005)
Master of Science Degree in Chemical and Chemical Engineering Research (IQS, 2007)
Doctorate Degree in Analytical Chemistry (IQS, 2011)
Postdoctoral Researcher (Environment Canada, 2013-2015)
Research Scientist, mass spectrometry lab (Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 2015-2020)
Adjunct Professor, School of Environmental Studies (Queen´s University, Canadà, 2015-2021)
Assistant Professor (IQS, 2021-)



General Chemistry (BSc in Biotechnology)
General and Inorganic Chemistry (BSc in Pharmacy)
Environmental Quality Analysis (MSc in Analytical Chemistry)



  • Desenvolupament de mètodes analítics (cromatogràfics i d’espectrometria de masses) per aplicacions mediambientals
    Tècniques d’anàlisi no dirigides (non-targeted analysis)
    Anàlisis de cianotoxines en medis aquosos.



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Engineering and Simulation of Environmental Processes Group (GESPA)