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The enrolment period will open starting the last week of June. Pre-enrolment only ensures that a student can enrol in an undergraduate programme up to 15 days after the opening of the enrolment period. Otherwise, it will be understood that the student is not interested in continuing with the process.

We will send you an email with the credentials and instructions to proceed with your enrolment.

During the online enrolment process, the following documentation must be uploaded:

  • Document certifying your access path to university.
  • Document proving your status as an elite or high-level athlete, if applicable.
  • Document certifying your special educational needs and specifying the curricular adaptations you have received, if applicable.
  • If you make your payment by direct debit, if you have a Spanish bank account, the original of the “SEPA” direct debit order filled out and signed by the holder of the bank account must be submitted. You will find “SEPA” information on the IQS website in the section on the admissions and enrolment process.

Documentation required for enrolment:

In case you hace any doubt, you can contact the IQS General Secretariat by calling (34) 93 267 20 01 or by email at