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IQS offers Open Day Sessions both online and on campus so you can find out all about our Undergraduate and Dual Undergraduate Programmes

The on campus sessions offered follow all safety standards and protocols in view of the ongoing pandemic. The on campus Open Day Sessions are subject to modifications and restrictions due to COVID-19. For the On campus Open Days only two people per sign up can come, in other words, yourself and a guest.

Choose the session that best meets your needs and sign up on the form you'll find below. You can sign up for as many sessions as you want, both online and on campus. You can also request a personalised online sessions with our admissions team.

Online Open Days

1 or 2 March
4 pm/6 pm CET

20 or 21 April
4 pm/6 pm CET

On-campus Open Day

20 January
6 pm CET

19 February
10 am CET

22 March
6 pm CET

What will the Online Open Day be like?

Information Session

We'll start with a general information session about IQS and then we'll move on to a session about the undergraduate programme that interests you. You can learn about the curriculum, career prospects and the focus of the programme from one of our professors. This session will be informative and address any doubts you may have.

Face to face with our students

One of our undergraduate students can tell you about their personal experience at IQS. You can ask them all your questions and they will share with you what day-to-day life is like for IQS students.

Questions and doubts

At the end of the sessions you can ask all the questions that have come up, from the admissions process to the career opportunities for the programme that interests you. Go ahead and ask us! Now's the time to learn about your future.

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