• Objectives and Competences

Objectives of the Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry

It provides a specialization in solving analytical chemistry problems, with a strong experimental component and quality management, to become both a professional and a researcher in this field.

The EUROMASTER and ASIIN accreditations certify this master's degree as the best option to obtain the necessary tools to face, in a global way, an analytical process with a broad mastery of the associated instrumental techniques.



Competences to be Acquired

The Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry will provide students with the following competences:

Advanced knowledge of the different disciplines of analytical chemistry, especially those disciplines that play an important role in the environment, in food and agriculture and in pharmaceutical sectors, enabling you to identify and analyze problems, develop and apply original ideas and acquire new knowledge in your professional life

Knowledge of chemical and management tools for research, development and production of chemical products and services

Knowledge of industrial sectors and new trends in the use of analytical chemistry

Ability to apply in knowledge management and the leading of projects