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Find out more about the Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering with our students!

If you want to discover what university life is like at IQS and know all the details of the master's degree, who better to tell you about it than our students?

At IQS, each student is a story of motivation, dedication, and success. Through their experiences, you'll be able to get a more accurate view on the master's degree, the subjects taught, and the professional impact it has on students.

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Carlota Ramos

"What I would highlight about the master's degree is the relationship and contact we have with companies in the sector."

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Cristina Adam

"I think it's a very thorough master's degree that's made for different profiles of people. The classes are really complete and varied."

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Guillermo Gonzálbez

"What stands out most about the master's degree is the ability to bring students closer to the chemical industry."

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