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How was Cristina's experience?

Cristina Adam

Cristina is a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering student and is currently doing her Master Thesis in a company. Read more on her opinion about the master's degree below. 

Could you briefly describe the master's degree?

The Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering offers a more practical view of the industry. I'd say that it's another level to the Undergraduate Programme in Chemical Engineering since it allows you to see the practical side of what you're studying and its application and use in the industry.

I greatly appreciate the combination of theoretical classes with laboratory work. Not only do we work just in chemical engineering laboratories, but we also have PLC programming workshops. There's a wide variety of subjects and laboratory work in the curriculum.

What stands out about the programme?

Personally, I would highlight three basic things:

  • The master's degree professors are highly educated and are experts in their fields. Each professor has their own research line at IQS and they have worked for many years in the industry. For this reason, the classes are very oriented towards how things apply to the industry.
  • During the programme, we make lots of visits to companies and industrial sites such as BASF or Covestro. This offers us a broader vision of what's done in the chemical industry and allows us to discover different sectors. Speaking with a company's upper management is really interesting because you can hear about their vision and professional experience.
  • For one class in the curriculum, professionals from different areas of the industry (maritime, textiles, food, and so on) came to explain their experience and so we could see where they work.

Why did you decide to do this Master's Degree?

I did the Undergraduate Programme in Chemical Engineering at IQS. I already knew about its hands-on oriented methodology and its academic rigour. I think that I was really well prepared and had very useful knowledge when I finished the programme. When I was looking for a master's degree to continue my studies, that's why I saw that the most appropriate one to fit my needs was IQS. This master's degree offers a methodology that's applied to business.

What subjects and laboratory work did you like the most?

The subject that I liked the most was Processes and Products since each class had different professionals from different industries and sectors. Some might think that the industry is just about chemistry but, thanks to the master's degree, you can see that there are many fields you can dedicate yourself to. The industrial chemistry sector is very open and versatile! There are a multitude of professional opportunities.

What's your personal assessment?

I think it's a very thorough master's degree that's made for different profiles of people. The classes are very complete and varied and we combine them with hands-on work in the laboratories. The professors have their own research lines and contacts for studying abroad, whether for internships or the Master Thesis.

What do you think the master's degree has brought you personally and professionally?

Personally, it has helped me manage my time and prioritize work. At IQS, the work pace is very demanding and we have to learn to handle things. It has also given me the tools and the ability to learn new things more easily, to be more efficient and decisive.

What advice would you give to a future student?

Studying at IQS will give you a wide network of contacts for your career and it creates competent profiles. Studying at IQS offers you value and recognition before you even start working in a company. In my case, everyone where I currently work knows about IQS and recognizes studying there as extremely positive.

What was your Master Thesis about?

My Master Thesis is entitled "Construction project for treatment facilities for MARPOL and industrial origin waste generated in port areas and their area of influence in the port of Tarragona," which I'm doing with the company ACK Logic S.L. The objective is to design facilities for MARPOL treatment in the port of Tarragona to ensure a treatment system for both port waste and industrial waste.

How was the in-company internship?

I did an internship with an engineering consultancy where I was involved in project implementation. One of the projects was the construction of a flow meter to monitor waste dumped into the Besos River.

The internship helped steer my future work as I discovered that I want to work with an engineering consultancy firm. I felt really secure and prepared because I acquired knowledge during the master's degree that I was able to apply to the internship.