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Rules for remaining in good standing

To remain in good standing in the PhD in Business and Territorial Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability (CETIS) programme, students must maintain reasonable daily activity in conducting their research as approved by the department under the direction of their thesis supervisor, as well as continuing the teaching and research work they have accepted as proposed by IQS, always with approval from their thesis supervisor.

The regular duration for doctoral students to complete their doctoral thesis is three full-time years, counting from a doctoral student's enrolment in the programme until they submit their doctoral thesis. Notwithstanding the foregoing, part-time doctoral studies may be done with prior authorization from the Doctoral Programme Academic Committee. In this case, the maximum duration of doctoral studies is five years from a doctoral student's enrolment until they submit their doctoral thesis.

Once this regular three-year period has ended, students must file a request with the Doctoral Programme Academic Committee to remain in good standing, following approval from their thesis supervisor and explaining the reasons they have requested an extension. The Doctoral Programme Academic Committee may authorize the extension of this period for one year, which may be exceptionally extended for an additional year. In the case of part-time studies, the extension may be authorised for two more years and, exceptionally, it may be extended for another additional year.

For the purposes of calculating said period, time away from the programme due to illness, pregnancy, or any other reason set out in current legislation will not be taken into account.

Also, a doctoral student may request a temporary absence from the programme for a maximum period of one year, extendable for up to one additional year. Said request must be justified and addressed to the Doctoral Programme Academic Committee, which will then decide on the appropriateness of granting the doctoral student's request.

If said time periods have passed and a student has not yet submitted their thesis, they are no longer entitled to remain enrolled and they will be removed from the programme.

However, should this situation arise and the student believes it is due to a serious cause, he or she may request for the Doctoral Programme Academic Committee to review the possibility of remaining in good standing in their programme. The Doctoral Programme Academic Committee will issue a justified report recommending whether or not a student should remain in good standing in the doctoral programme and will submit it to the Standing Committee of the IQS School of Management Academic Board, which will make the final decision and notify the student of it through the IQS Registrar's Office.

Students with special educational needs will be taken into account, and their thesis supervisor and doctoral tutor will personally monitor the doctoral student. Together, along with support from IQS School of Management representatives at the URL's Observatory for Equal Opportunities, they will take the appropriate measures to address the student's special educational needs.

Handling complaints and suggestions

Any student in the doctoral programme who wishes to make suggestions or statements that could give rise to a complaint or claim should first contact the Coordinator of the programme.

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