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Educational activities

IQS doctoral programmes include cross-disciplinary and specific research activities within the scope of each programme. These activities are aimed at preparing excellent new researchers and optimally developing their research skills.
The activities are distributed throughout the course load and include courses, sessions, seminars, conferences, publishing articles, and international exchanges.
The activity programming aims to ensure that students have excellent international experiences, preferably through exchanges at foreign universities or research centres, doing international theses, participating in international conferences, and inviting visiting professors to campus.

  • Ethics in research seminar
  • Thematic courses on research skills
  • Research seminars
  • Presentations at conferences
  • Exchanges at other research centres

In addition to the activities available at IQS, the interuniversity programme offers other educational activities with the Universidad de Deusto and Universidad de Comillas. Students in the programme can engage in educational activities at any of the participating universities.

Additional coursework

PhD candidates who have not completed a research master's degree or do not hold a research proficiency certification or an Advanced Studies Diploma must take additional coursework in order to acquire the basic methodological competencies established in a master's degree with a profile similar to the doctoral programme.

Research methods I: epistemology of science, qualitative research methods, and drafting scientific texts (6 ECTS).
Research methods II: compiling data, information sources, and quantitative research methods (6 ECTS).