• Open thesis positions (BSc, MSc, PhD)

IQS aims to provide a response to the essential issues that concern the scientific community and business world at any given time by educating professionals with a global vision in a constantly changing world.

Promoting research at IQS is one of our major activities and we are involved in numerous national, European, and international research projects.

Our research is rigorous, original, and ethical and makes significant contributions to knowledge.

IQS strives to provide opportunities to students and researchers to participate and contribute to the development of new theoretical or methodological approaches to our research projects.

If you would like to participate in any of our projects, please see the list below.

List of research projects currently available:

Design of a combinatorial synthetic route for Tafenoquine derivatives 1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Jordi Teixidó (jordi.teixido@iqs.edu)

Dr. Roger Estrada (roger.estrada@iqs.edu)

Wastewater antibiotic resistance removal for a safe water environment1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dra. Maria Auset (maria.auset@iqs.edu)
Hupertacrines: A new family of compounds for Alzheimer’s disease therapy 1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. José I. Borrell (jose.borrell@iqs.edu)

Dr. Raimon Puig de la Bellacasa (raimon.puig@iqs.edu)

Covalent binding strategy: Synthesis of suitable linkers for pyrido[2,3‐d]pyrimidines structures as a potential anticancer agents. 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Raimon Puig de la Bellacasa (raimon.puig@iqs.edu)
New Functionalized Diazomethane Reagents to be
Applied in Late‐Stage Drug Diversification
 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Ana Belén Cuenca (anabelen.cuenca@iqs.edu)
Fungal bioremediation of toxic polychlorinated dioxins and furans  1 Master research project (6-9 months) 

Dr. Jordi Diaz (jordi.diaz@iqs.edu)

Dra. Maria Auset (maria.auset@iqs.edu)

Development of electrochemical biosensors 1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Jordi Abellà (jordi.abella@iqs.edu)

Dr. Sergi Colominas (sergi.colominas@iqs.edu)

High temperature electrochemical gas sensors  1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Jordi Abellà (jordi.abella@iqs.edu)

Dr. Sergi Colominas (sergi.colominas@iqs.edu)

Halogen-directed construction of molecular complexity: testing the concept 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dra. Ana Belén Cuenca (anabelen.cuenca@iqs.edu)
Sequential Batch Biofilm Reactor for the Decentralized Treatment of Greywater 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dra. Maria Auset (maria.auset@iqs.edu)
Engineering synthases and deacetylases: towards the enzymatic production of chitosans with defined deacetylation patterns for biomedical applications

1 Master research project (6‐9 months) 

1 Undergraduate project (2 to 6 months)

Dr. Antoni Planas (antoni.planas@iqs.edu)

Mechanical Performance of Advanced Fused Deposition Modeling Parts in Terms of its Manufacturing Design Parameters

1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Marco A.Pérez (marcoantonio.perez@iqs.edu)

New Developments on Vibration Based Approaches for Damage Identification and Assessment of Smart Structures

2 Master research projects (6-9 months)Dr. Marco A.Pérez (marcoantonio.perez@iqs.edu)

Smart Villages: designing an imaginary smart village. New ways for offgrid communities

Final Bachelor Project or Master ThesisProf. Juan A. Tormo (juanantonio.tormo@iqs.edu)
Smart Grids and Micro Grids: State of the Art and near future  evolution Final Bachelor Project or Master ThesisProf. Juan A. Tormo (juanantonio.tormo@iqs.edu)

Control of a three-phase inverter by means of a dSPACETM platform

1 Master research project (6‐9 meses) 

Dr. Alejandro Rolán (alejandro.rolan@iqs.edu)

Prof. Sauro Yagüe (sauro.yague@iqs.edu

Animal cells engineering for the production of exosomes1 Master research project (6-9 meses)Dr. Martí Lecina (marti.lecina@iqs.edu
Gene delivery systems based on zwitterionic polymers1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dra. Cristina Fornaguera


Development of new separation processes for the recovery of refrigerant gasses 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Javier Fernández
Development of peptide and antibody mimetics targeting gene nanotherpies to brain tumours1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Benjamí Oller-Salvia


New generation of drugs protecting against neurotoxic industrial chemicals1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Cristian Gómez-Canela 


Developing a method for T7 RNA polymerase production for applications in mRNA synthesis by in vitro transcription1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Pablo Leivar (pau.leivar@iqs.edu)

Dr. Magda Faijes (magda.faijes@iqs.edu

Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.edu)

Improvement of targeting selectivity to sialic acid receptors by using borylated polymers1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Salvador Borrós (salvador.borros@iqs.edu)

Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.edu)

Dr. Ana Belén Cuenca (anabelen.cuenca@iqs.edu)
VEXOSOMES as stealth natural nanosystems to treat monogenic diseases1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.edu)

Dr. Marta Guerra (marta.guerra@iqs.edu)

Loading EVs using exogenous methods, for their further use of mRNA tumor vaccines1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.edu)

Dr. Salvador Borrós (salvador.borros@iqs.edu)

New treatment for Duchenne muscular dystrophy based on a new family of polymers to encapsulate Adeno-Associated Viral vectors1 Master research project (6-9 months)

Dr. Salvador Borrós (salvador.borros@iqs.edu)

Dr. Marta Guerra (marta.guerra@iqs.edu)

Dr. Rodrigo Magaña (jose.magana@iqs.edu)

Viral Vectors for the treatment of Lafora disease1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Marta Guerra (marta.guerra@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Jordi Duran (jordi.duran@iqs.url.edu)
Nanoparticles for the treatment of Lafora disease1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Jordi Duran (jordi.duran@iqs.url.edu)
Chloroplast genomic and metabolic engineering
For redirecting microalgae metabolism towards the production of rhamnolipid biosurfactants
 1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Pablo Leivar  (pablo.leivar@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Antoni Planas (antoni.planas@iqs.url.edu)
Developing an R cheminformatics toolkit: functions and
recipes to manage MS spectra
1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Jordi Cuadros (jordi.cuadros@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Roger Estrada (roger.estrada@iqs.url.edu)
Circuit visualization in VISIR-DB1 Master research project (6-9 months) Dr. Jordi Cuadros (jordi.cuadros@iqs.url.edu)
Characterization of extracelular vessicles of  mouse models of lafora disease as biomarkers1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Cristina Fornaguera (cristina.fornaguera@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Francesc Xavier Guix (francesc.guix@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Jordi Duran (jordi.duran@iqs.url.edu)
Waste valorization in the fruit juice industry for a Circular Bioeconomy1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. Maria Auset (maria.auset@iqs.url.edu)

Dr. Oriol Pou  (oriol.pou@iqs.url.edu)

Development of nanocarriers directed to dodge potential drug resistance mechanisms using a 3D crosstalk model of pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells and its associated stroma1 Master research project (6-9 months)Dr. David Sánchez (david.sanchez@iqs.url.edu)
Dr. Carlos Semino (carlos.semino@iqs.url.edu)

We will be delighted to help you conduct research.