• Career Opportunities

At IQS, your professional and work expectations are higher, because from the first day you are already in contact with the most advanced companies in the sector.

With the Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, you can:

Become a professional in several industries, in academic or industrial research roles, development and production in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and related areas, etc.

Join universities and research centers as a professional for academic and industrial research (translational) and technology transfer.

Develop your professional activity in the field of teaching.

By sectors

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomedical
  • Veterinary
  • Computational design
  • Production of API’s (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

By professional profile

  • Research
  • Production
  • Laboratory manager
  • R+D+I
  • Consultant

As a graduate in the Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, IQS provides students with the Professional Careers Service that manages the Job Exchange once you have completed the Master.