Applicant Profile

The MGEM program is designed for graduates coming from various academic backgrounds, specifically: economics, business administration, engineers as well as other fields that the admissions committee from the three Universities evaluates favorably.  In certain cases, students are accepted on the condition that they take some courses before being officially admitted to the program. 
The admitted candidates to the MGEM program are officially enrolled in the three Universities.  At the end of the program, the students obtain diplomas and the title of Master from each University.



To apply to the MGEM program you should be in the possession of a University degree granted by a Spanish University or from an institution of higher education from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
Also, graduates from education systems outside of the EHEA have access without the need for official recognition of their undergraduate degree.  The admissions committee of the three Universities will evaluate the candidate's studies to be certain that the rigor is equivalent to the corresponding degrees given by official Spanish Universities and that the foreign degree gives the student access to post-graduate programs.  Access to the program through this channel shall not imply the official recognizing process of the undergraduate degree, nor its recognition for purposes other than that of confirming qualification for entry into Master's programs.
In order to enroll in this Master's, you should apply for admission to the advisory committee of the program by submitting: undergraduate degree, professional resume, TOEFL results (or equivalent) and other documents to be detailed below.


Transfer Regulations

The Permanent Committee of the Academic Board, which examines each applicant and establishes the recognition of credits, will handle the admission of students from any national or foreign University system, that have studied at the undergraduate level within the EHEA framework.
In the case of students from EU member states, or from countries with which Spain has established international agreements, students are required to have a qualification enabling them to undertake graduate level University studies in their home country. Students from outside of the EU, or from countries that do not have an established agreement with Spain, must have passed the corresponding University entrance exam.


Completion Requirements

In order to obtain the degree of Master, the student should obtain a passing grade from all of the credits taken in each of the three host Universities.
If the student does not obtain a passing grade for a specific course, he or she is eligible to re-take the course in the following year's edition of the program.  In the event that the student does not pass the course in the following year, the student will not be eligible to receive the degree.