• Hands-on experience


During the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management you will engage in different activities that will allow you to obtain a complete and cross-cutting profile in the field of global business. At IQS you will carry out consulting projects with companies that are present in global markets; at Fun Jen University you will be able to complete your Master Thesis, which consists of creating a business plan; and at Loyola Marymount University you will be able to do a professional in-company internship.

In addition to this, there are countless other activities that will allow you to discover and understand international companies from the inside and develop your talents and soft skills.

MGEM Consulting Projects

During your stay in Barcelona and Los Angeles, you will be part of a consulting team of 4/5 students and dedicate your time to solve real-world business cases at international companies. This will give you the opportunity to learn more about project management, teamwork in a cross-cultural environment, presentation skills, developing analytical thinking, focusing on a problem-solving approach and managing client expectations. We will guide you to apply concepts learned and to make sure you strengthen your transferable skills.

Company visits & Guest speakers

Company visits help you to get acquainted with different kind of work environments and business structures. You will visit various types of industries, while learning more about product cycles and management strategies. Furthermore, during the program we invite entrepreneurs, senior managers and HR professionals to deliver guest talks. Both activities offer you the opportunity to do networking with professionals of different fields in three different continents.

Start-up Acceleration Projects

As an MGEM student, you will work closely with our IQS Tech Factory and collaborate with our Start-up Acceleration Program. This gives you the change to accompany one of the 10 most innovative start-ups that are on the program and support them by executing a financial risk analysis and developing an international business strategy plan. 

During your stay at Fu Jen University in Taipei you will develop your entrepreneurial skills further by developing your own business plan and taking your business idea to the market.

MGEM Business Games

These games allow you to practice in a different, funny and competitive way some of your management skills. You will be part of a competition in which you will run in small teams a set of business simulations. These simulation games are focused on teaching you more about decision making in the area of marketing, innovation, sales, negotiation and entrepreneurship.

Internship at Los Angeles

As an MGEM student, if you are interested, you can apply for a 3 months internship at the end of the Masters in  Los Angeles. In this case, Loyola Marymount University will coordinate these internships.

Collaborating companies