• Management Master's Degrees

The Masters of IQS School of Management offer quality training that enables professionals to create, lead and manage competitive organizations in a global environment.

Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (Taught in English)

The Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management offers an international experience and practical training in global markets, which allows taking management and direction positions of companies and organizations in international markets. The first semester is taught at IQS (Barcelona); the second, at the Fu Jen University (Taiwan), and the third, at the Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles - USA).


It is recognized by the Financial Times in the Master in Management Ranking 2020 as one of the best master's degrees in business management worldwide.

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Dual Master's Program in International Marketing in a Digital Environment / Master in International Marketing & Sales Management (Taught in English)

This Dual Master's Program specializes you in international marketing, digital marketing and sales management, combining academic rigor with practical application. It provides the specific skills necessary to successfully lead a professional career in marketing and aspire to top level executive jobs. Focused on international markets and, therefore, taught entirely in English, it combines the skills of strategic marketing with those of sales and customer management in a digital environment.


The Dual Master Program in Marketing also develops the essential transversal competencies for today’s companies such as professional communication, team management, creativity, international vision, change management, and ethical, social and environmental responsibility.

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Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management (Taught in English)

The Master's Degree in Industrial Business Management provides a training beyond the technical and scientific degrees that enable students to fill key positions in business management and administration, mainly in the industrial sector.

This master develops the capacity to design, generate and market new products; the skills required to improve the production and marketing processes and the competencies to confidently perform in the operational areas of marketing, sales, finances, human resources, management control, quality and strategic management.

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Master’s Degree in Auditing and Management Control (Taught in Spanish)

The Master's Degree in Auditing and Management Control provides advanced training in two fields: accounting and audits, and financial management of  companies with the purpose of teaching the knowledge required to generate and analyze financial information that is relevant, timely and correct, and to verify it.

The master focuses on two professional specializations: account auditing, which enables the student to overpass the theory section of the ROAC (Official Registry of Account Auditors) access test required to be able to work professionally as an auditor; and management control, as preparation for a job position as economic controller of a multinational company.

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Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management (Taught in Spanish)

The Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management provides superior technical and specialized training and paid internships with the possibility of permanence.


It is the only master's degree in Spain that prepares jointly to pass the theoretical examinations of the European Financial Advisor (EFA) and European Financial Planner (EFP) professional certifications granted by the EFPA (European Financial Planning Association), highly valued in the field of banking private and wealth management, also offering complementary training in Corporate Finance.

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New Finance Laboratory

IQS has added a Finance Laboratory to advance teaching in subjects within the financial area for undergraduate programmes and master's degrees at the IQS School of Management to improve learning outcomes. In the laboratory’s 150 m2 classroom, computers have been equipped with access to the Refinitiv Workspace platform (formerly Thomson Reuters Eikon, now owned by the London Stock Exchange Group).