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One year, 3 continents

With the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management you will undergo a complete immersion experience in the field of global business. You will live in Barcelona, Taipei, and Los Angeles for a year to learn and understand the business ecosystems in each country.

IQS (Barcelona - Spain)

Fu Jen University (Taipei - Taiwan)

Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles - USA)

Key points
12 months
60 ECTS credits

From September to August

100% in English

  • September to December at IQS (Barcelona, Spain)
  • January to April at Fu Jen Catholic University (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • May to August at the Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, USA)

Why study the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management at IQS?

Immerse yourself in a global environment. Barcelona, Taipei and Los Angeles for one year.

Gain international experience in a multicultural environment.

Financial Times 2022 Rankingas the best Master offering International Experience.

You will take part in consulting projects and company visits.

Three Career Services Offices are available and you will be an alumnus of three international universities.

You will build your global professional network with experts on 3 continents.

Objectives of the Global Master in management

We currently live in an environment with global companies, which is why it is essential to train professionals who have the education and practical experience necessary to take on this international scenario.

The Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management offers comprehensive training in business and international environments. By doing this master's degree, you will obtain the education needed to manage and take on executive management roles at companies across global markets, working with a special focus on innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Furthermore, you will develop the abilities required to lead multicultural teams and the negotiation and communications skills needed in our globalized world. Once you complete the master's degree, you will have gained the tools you need to manage and lead companies and organizations on an international scale.

Competences of Global Master in Management

The Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management will allow you to acquire the following competences:

Understanding the new environment concerning: politics, economics, culture and society– all key aspects in business management.

Identifying, analysing and developing new innovative ideas and opportunities in business applied to global markets.

Developing entrepreneurial capabilities by way of practical experience.

Developing tools and capabilities by conducting real consulting projects in businesses present in global markets.

Acquiring the capabilities to develop new innovative ideas that you can use to implement an international business plan.

Designing business strategies when creating international businesses.

Developing and implementing new formulas in: commerce, finance and operations, applied to companies going global.

Promoting communication and negotiation skills in a multicultural and global environment.

Gaining practical experience through internships in global businesses.

You will also build the following cross-cultural skills:

Global vision and internationalization

Ethical commitment

Innovative thinking

Initiative and entrepreneurial spirit

Practical application of tools and knowledge

Becoming multifaceted with the ability to adapt to change

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