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Earning the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management has made it possible for me to launch my career in the world of finance. I was able to do an internship at Abante Asesores and I'm currently employed in Madrid at BBVA as a Risk Analyst, working with underlying derivatives analysis. Delving deeper into financial products and differentiating my profile has enabled me to make an important leap in my career.

Nico Kral
IQS Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management Alumnus. Class of 2021.

Key points
1 academic year
60 ECTS credits
October to June

Monday to Friday
5 p.m./6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (as a reference)
Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management, one of the best masters in finance in Spain


In December 2017 the Master’s Programme was accredited by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission) as a Master’s Degree that meets the requirements to provide advisory services and information for entities that provide financial services (CNMV Technical Guide, dated 07/2017, according to the European Union directive MiFID II - Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II).

In December 2018, the master's degree was incorporated into the CFA Institute® University Affiliation Program. This recognises that the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management incorporates at least 70% of the CFA® Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) and emphasises the code of ethics of the CFA Institute®. Admission to the CFA Institute® University Affiliation Program, shows potential students and employers, as well as job market in general, that the Master's Programme is focused on practicing and preparing for the CFA® exams.

Finance laboratory

The Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management has added the Refinitiv Workspace platform (formerly Thomson Reuters Eikon) to its educational opportunities. Every student is given an annual license that provides access to real-time information about financial markets: financial statements, stock quotes, fixed income securities, foreign exchange market, derivatives, investment funds, ETFs, commodities, real estate, and more.

The platform also includes DataStream for compiling and analysing macroeconomic and international trade data. In total, it offers access to 40,000 financial and stock markets and institutions in 190 countries. Refinitiv Workspace allows students in the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management to prepare for the labour market with a tool that features the world's main financial organizations.

Why study finance at IQS?

Have you ever wondered what to study if you like finance? If so, we have the solution: the IQS master's degree in finance. Here are the advantages:

In-company internships with leading businesses in the financial sector. Gain access to a wide range of career opportunities (private banking, wealth advisor, portfolio manager, market and investment analyst, stock trader, and many more) in all types of companies in the financial sector (banks, savings banks, securities agencies, insurance companies, private equity, and family offices).

Incorporated in the CFA Institute® University Affiliation Program, which features more than 70% of the CFA® Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

Specialisation in private banking and asset management. Complementary training in Corporate Finance. Career growth to positions of high responsibility in the financial sector. This is a priority objective that the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management makes possible.

High rate of employability in the financial sector after completing the master's degree. Access to the exclusive IQS job exchange. Mandatory, paid in-company internships with leading businesses in the financial sector.

Recognised by the CNMV and the Chartered Financial Analyst in the CFA University Affiliation Program.

Use of Refinitiv Workspace software subjects, connected to stock exchanges around the world. This methodology expands the financial culture of the student and allows him to work with the software used by the main financial entities, banks, multinationals and government agencies worldwide.

Objectives of the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management

With a professional orientation, the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management will provide you with specialised knowledge in the field of finance. Our main objective is to train professionals with extensive know-how in the financial environment and who are capable of generating high added value to companies. The high degree of employability at the end of the master's degree, as well as the access to jobs with high levels of responsibility in the financial sector is a priority objective for the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management.

The techniques, methods and procedures acquired by the students of the Master allows them to access a wide range of professional opportunities (private banking, wealth consultant, portfolio manager, market and investment analyst, and stock trader, among others) in all types of companies from the financial sector (banks, savings banks, companies and securities agencies, insurance companies, private equity and family owned businesses).    

Skills gained when studying finance

Many young people wonder what they should study if they're interested in finance. The IQS Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management is the perfect choice as it provides top-notch technical and specialized education in the areas of private banking, wealth management, and corporate finance. It is aimed at graduates in Business Administration and Management, Economics, Finance, and related areas. We prepare professionals who are capable of taking on technical and managerial roles in the main professional areas of finance to tackle the financial market. You'll be able to:

Investment and asset management, advice and planningin credit institutions and Private or Personal Banking institutions

Working in financial markets

Jobs related to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking, as well as Private Equity/Venture Capital activities

Establish the most suitable capitalisation, dividend and debt policies for the company

Design of simple and structured financial productsas well as portfolios and investment funds, paying special attention to profitability and risk.

Advice on financial products to design a portfolio, for fixed income, equity products, derivatives and investment funds as well as to design alternative investments (real estate, commodities, etc.) or retirement planning or succession protocols.

Why study the Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management at IQS?

There are many master's degrees in finance in Spain. Thanks to the accreditations from the CNMV and the CFA Institute, we are proud to say that this is one of the best options available. With this Master's Degree in Wealth and Financial Management from IQS, you'll be able to improve your career readiness, gain the knowledge necessary to manage projects, and boast enhanced decision-making and problem solving skills. At IQS, we ensure excellent quality and the opportunity to conduct real projects that will prepare you as a professional.

If you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to meet you. In addition, you can also take advantage of the special open house sessions for master's degrees. Find out more!

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