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The Master's Degree in Analytical Chemistry consists of 90 ECTS credits, distributed in two semesters of 30 credits each plus a third semester of 30 credits intended to the Master Thesis.

The master's program is structured in five modules:

Technological Module: aimed at expanding knowledge of the main analytical techniques, in identification and structural characterization and in the application of statistics to chemical analysis. This module includes an Analytical Technology Laboratory that allows for the practical development of the content taught in the theoretical subjects.

Management Module: knowledge of techniques for managing projects and laboratories in a company, and quality management and assurance.

Specific Module: knowledge specific to the specialization in Analytical Chemistry. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge of the main matrices to which analytical processes are applied: food, pharmaceutical products, environmental samples and industrial products.

Electives Module: its objective is that students can deepen in certain scientific aspects according to their personal interests. It consists of two subjects, which can come from a catalog of this Master's degree as well as other university master's degrees.

Master Thesis Module: individual research project in a research group, under the guidance of one of the Master's degree professors.

The laboratory and experimental work account more than 50% of the master's degree credits. 

Technology ModuleECTS
Identification and Structural Characterization4.0
Advanced Chromatography4.0
Spectrophotometry and Electroanalysis4.0
Analytical Technology Laboratory8.0
Management Module ECTS
Management of Projects and Laboratories3.0
Quality and Information Management3.0
Specific ModuleECTS
Environmental Quality Analysis4.0
Agrofood Analysis4.0
Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products4.0 
Analysis of Industrial Products4.0
Integration and Analytical Specialization Laboratory8.0


Electives ModuleECTS
Elective 13.0
Elective 23.0


Master ThesisECTS
Master Thesis30 


Elective couses

- Pharmacology for chemists

- Pharmaceutical Crystal Engineering

- Photochemistry

- Evaluation of Compounds with Biological Activity

- Innovation and Information Management

- Materials and Corrosion