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The faculty of the Master's Degree in Bioengineering consist of specialists in the different academic and professional fields of the programme and provide a global overview of both industrial applications and basic research used in the different sectors in which bioengineering plays an important role.
For every subject, there is a professor in charge of coordinating the participation of distinguished visiting professors, scientists and professionals from other universities or European and North American companies. They are invited to teach subjects and give seminars on matters of interest. Students are given a schedule of these classes at the beginning of every semester.

Coordination Commission

Master's Degree Coordinator:
Dr Martí Lecina. Professor. Bioengineering department. IQS School of Engineering. Universidad Ramon Llull

Head of Master Programs:
Dr. Jordi Díaz. Dean of IQS School of Engineering. Universitat Ramon Llul


montserrat bonsfills
Dra. Montserrat Agut Bonsfills
Dra. Judith Báguena Polo
Analytical and Applied Chemistry
Dra. Mercedes Balcells Camps
Dr. Xevi Biarnés Fontal
salvador borros
Dr. Salvador Borrós Gómez
Dr. Francesc Canals Suris
Dr. Marc Carnicer Heras
Dr Magda Faijes Simona
Dra. Laura Fernández Ruano
Dr. Albert Florensa Giménez
Chair of Ethics and Christian Thought
Dr. Victor Manuel González Miguel
Dr. Martí Lecina Veciana | Department of Bioengineering
Dr. Pablo Leivar Rico
Dr. Antoni Planas Sauter
Dr. Carlos E. Semino
profesor robert teixido
Dr. Robert Texidó Bartés
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
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