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I decided to study at IQS due to its strong connections with the industrial world. The Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering gave me the opportunity to carry out real projects, specifically taking part in one process with Repsol. I also was able to complete the Master’s Thesis in a leading company, Covestro.

Victor Manuel Martín
IQS Alumni. Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering. Class of 2016-2017

Key points

One academic year and a Master Thesis (3 semesters in total)

October to June

English 100%

Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Why study Chemical Engineering at IQS?

More than 50% of the teaching workload takes part in the laboratory

The Master’s Programme offers the opportunity to do the Thesis in companies or international universities

Development of a challenge in multinational companies such as Ercros, Covestro, BASF, TEPSA or Repsol.

IQS Laboratories


Objectives of the Master's Degree

IQS has been training chemists and chemical engineers who work for the leading companies in the sector for more than 100 years. You will become part of the professionals at the forefront of the chemical industry and you will have access to the best job opportunities in the sector, both in industry and research.

You will be trained as a professional, researcher, manager, and entrepreneur for the chemical-based companies.

You will acquire the knowledge for the development, search and preparation of products, processes, and services, as well as for industrial management and cost optimisation. IQS utilises project-based methodology, since students work on real projects in large companies.

Official information

The Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering has three orientations, which will develop the students specific skills of each path:

  • Professional: preparation for the exercise of the Chemical Engineering profession.
  • Researcher: directed to the realization of the Doctorate Program.
  • Business: oriented to the creation and management of technology-based companies.

Competences to be Acquired

The Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering will help students acquire the following competences:

Apply mathematics, chemistry, physics, and engineering in the chemical engineering profession

Identify and solve complex problems within the field of chemical engineering, applying innovative techniques and the latest tools to carry out engineering projects

Manage and supervise all kinds of installations, processes, systems and services in the different industrial fields related to chemical engineering

Knowledge of technical and management tools in research and process, product, and service development in chemical and similar industries, including knowledge management skills and the ability to develop and apply original ideas and lead projects

Ability to fulfil responsibilities related to the profession incorporating ethical practices to work responsibly in a professional environment

Ability to communicate effectively with a specialised and non-specialised audience

Understanding of all the contemporary aspects relating to the profession, as well as the need to integrate new knowledge during your professional life

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