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I have had the opportunity to join one of the university's research groups. Research is focused on materials science and the group's projects are related to obtaining materials by additive manufacturing and the monitoring of structures through artificial intelligence.

Eduard Teixidó
IQS Alumni. Master in Industrial Engineering.

Key points

2 years (4 semestres in total)
120 ECTS credits

October to June

Spanish and English

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (first year)

Get to know the PPI

The Programme in Professional Intensification for engineers (PPI). You will have the opportunity to intensify your experience in the company, joining the factories of COVESTRO and some of its functional departments to work on tasks of each of them.

Why study Industrial Engineering at IQS?

More than 50% of theteaching workload in the laboratory

Opportunity to conduct the Master Thesis in companies or international universities

High employability

IQS Laboratories


Objectives of the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering

The Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering offers the pathway to obtain the professional attributes of a senior engineer. You will be responsible for technological innovation and you will be able to access management positions in companies and organisations.

IQS has cutting-edge technologies and a practical methodology to acquire competences in project management, calculation, design, research, product and process innovation and development, facilities and industrial plant work, among others.

With the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering you will achieve the specific competences established by Order CIN/311/2009, of 9 February 2009 and the attributes of an industrial engineer as an officially recognised profession in Spain.

Official information

Competences to be Acquired

As the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering is an officially recognised degree, the majority of its competences are defined in the Ministerial Order CIN/311/2009, of 9 February 2009. These competences include planning, calculations, designing, research, product and process innovation and development, as well as installations and industrial plant work.
Strategic planning applied to construction and production systems, quality systems, environmental management, as well as technical and financial management of projects and functions.

The Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering will allow you to acquire specific competences in the following areas:

Career Opportunities: this degree prepares students to work as industrial engineers

Management: the degree is focused on obtaining managerial tasks in industrial companies

Research: finishing the Master’s Degree offers the option to pursue a PhD

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